Common Chandler Water Heater Myths:

Things You Need to Know

Myth #1: They last forever

Myth #2: All water heaters are the same

Myth #3: A larger tank equals more hot water

Myth #4: You can repair or replace a hot water heater yourself

Myth #5: Flushing a water heater isn't necessary

Myth #6: You can save money by retaining an outdated water heater

Myth #7: Greater water tank size equals enhanced energy efficiency

Myth #8: Elevating water temperature as a wise strategy

Myth #9: The optimal choice is maxing out your water heater temperature

Myth #10: Your water heater wastes energy

Myth #11: No ongoing maintenance required

Myth #12: Any water heater type is suitable for home use

Myth #13: Hard water harms your water heater

Myth #14: Tankless water heaters are more expensive

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